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The Swedish Data Protection Authority is a public authority with about 40 employees, the majority of whom are lawyers.

The DPA's task is to protect the individual's privacy in the information society without unnecessarily preventing or complicating the use of new technology. The DPA supervises that authorities, companies, organizations and individuals follow:

  • the Personal Data Act (1998),
  • the Data Act (1973),
  • the Debt Recovery Act (1974),
  • and the Credit Information Act (1973).

The DPA works to prevent encroachment upon privacy through information and by issuing directives and codes of statutes. The DPA also handles complaints and carries out inspections. By examining government bills the DPA ensures that new laws and ordinances protect personal data in an adequate manner.

You will find more information about the Swedish DPA in our brochure What on earth does the Data Inspection Board do?

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Datainspektionens generaldirektör Kristina Svahn Starrsjö. Foto Johanna Wulff.

Kristina Svahn Starrsjö
Director General
The Swedish Data Protection Agency

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