International co-operation

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The international co-operation as regards the protection of personal data and privacy is developing more and more and contributes to an increasing common approach, especially in Europe. The Data Protection Authority participates in the international work in various contexts. Such participation is important for the application of the national legislation and also gives an important possibility to introduce and take care of Swedish points of view and interests.

We take part in the Article 29 Working Party, a working group within EU whose task is to see to that the data protection directive is being applied uniformly in the Member States. The Article 29 Working Party meets in Brussels five times a year, generally two days' meetings. The Working Party also has subgroups in which we participate.

We are Sweden's national supervisory authority as regards the processing of personal data according to the Schengen acquis, the Council decision on Europol and the EU rules on the Customs Information System (CIS). This means that we form part of the EU joint supervisory authorities that exist in order to see to that the processing of personal data complies with these rules. The joint authorities meet approximately four times a year. There are also other groups that we take part in.

The Commissioners of the data protection authorities meet annually to discuss data protection issues at an international meeting, at an EU data protection meeting as well as, every two years, at a Nordic data protection meeting. Furthermore – at Nordic level – an annual meeting for legal personnel as well as an annual meeting for IT personnel are organised. Moreover, two working meetings are held annually in which legal personnel from EU's data protection authorities discuss issues about audits etc.

International co-operation

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