The Debt Recovery Act

A person who collects debts on behalf of another person, or collects debts which have been taken over for collection, normally requires a permit from the Data Inspection Board.

Before permission is granted, the company must have in it's employment a person with professional legal experience of debt collection.

The Data Protection Authority determines whether the conditions are met. Debt collecting must be conducted in a professional and judicious manner. The Data Protection Authority ensures that these rules are adhered to. This is achieved by inspections.

Practise and custom dictate that files of personal data used in debt collection operations may not contain value judgements about people.

The Data Protection Authority Statute Book

DIFS 2005:1

Apply for a Debt Recovery Activity licence

A foreign company wishing to operate debt recovery activity in Sweden need to have a permit. The Data Protection Authority has a duty under the Debth Recovery Act to ensure that permits are only given to and retained by those who are fit to hold them.

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